THE AGONIST's final act: band announces break up
In a surprising turn of events, Canadian metal band THE AGONIST has announced their break up after a successful run of nineteen years. The band, known for their six albums and three EPs, has decided to part ways and focus on individual projects.
The decision, as stated by the band, was a difficult but necessary one. The band members have cited a mix of personal, financial, and industry-related issues as the reasons for their split. The band's statement revealed that the five members could no longer agree on a way forward that would benefit THE AGONIST as a whole while respecting each member's personal lives and wishes.
The Agonist expressed their deepest gratitude to their fans for their unwavering support over the years. The band members emphasized the satisfaction they derived from connecting with their fans through their music. They assured their fans that they had accomplished their goal of making the listeners feel something through their music.
The band members will now be focusing on various personal and musical projects. Vicky Psarakis, the band's vocalist, will be continuing with her band, SICKSENSE, which has a new EP coming out this summer. Simon McKay, the band's drummer, is looking to join a new band full-time while offering session work for studio and live gigs. Chris Kells, the band's bassist, will be focusing on his career as a videographer. Danny Marino, the band's guitarist, is currently writing music for two new projects. Pascal "Paco" Jobin, the band's other guitarist, will be releasing new music with his project LEADING THE BETRAYED.
The band's US-based merch store with Sound Escape Agency will remain open, and an EU-based store has been set up for their European fans. The inventory is final, and there will be no restocks. The proceeds will go directly to the band to help them pay off their remaining debt.
THE AGONIST's break up marks the end of an era for the band's fans. However, the band's legacy will continue to live on through their music and the individual projects of the band members.