TICKED OFF unleashes devastating new single "To End A Life" from upcoming EP
Montana/Pennsylvania-based deathcore force TICKED OFF is ready to pummel the airwaves with their forthcoming EP, "Gaslighter." Offering a taste of the mayhem to come, the band has unveiled the devastating single "To End A Life." With bone-shattering breakdowns, relentless aggression, and guttural vocals, TICKED OFF leaves no room for mercy in their sonic assault.
Experience the unrelenting brutality of "To End A Life" as TICKED OFF unleashes their sonic fury in a whirlwind of destructive riffs and blistering drumming. The band's uncompromising approach to deathcore is on full display, leaving listeners craving more of their relentless energy.
Prepare for the onslaught as TICKED OFF readies their upcoming EP, "Gaslighter," poised to deliver a devastating blow to the metal scene. Stay tuned for more bone-crushing tracks that will leave you breathless and hungry for more of TICKED OFF's sonic destruction.