TOMB OF FINLAND’s new video and single 'Wretched Bliss' is out

Let the heavy tone of doom welcome you to Wretched Bliss by TOMB OF FINLAND. With its solemn opening riff, the metal band shows that it's part of the top chain food of metal. The song develops into a multi-rhythm, multi-layered song with emotions aplenty and the classic doom atmosphere that makes Finnish metal so unique and easy to recognize.

Check out the “Wretched Bliss” digital single or the official video:

Conducted in the freezing coldness of Finland, TOMB OF FINLAND is one of the leading bands in death metal that successfully fuses melodies and heaviness with songwriting complexity. The sound of TOMB OF FINLAND can be described as a mixture of the oppressive atmosphere from death metal with the catchy melodies from the Finnish band AMORPHIS.