VERMILIA make public the newest single, 'Hautavajo'

Finnish folk/pagan metal artist VERMILIA is developing the first transmissions from her upcoming full-length album “Ruska”: “Hautavajo“, an acoustic poem which tells a story belonging to VERMILIA's own artistic space and explores hidden depths of the consciousness.

The first single from Vermillion’s forthcoming album 'Ruska', the track 'Hautavajo' is an atmospheric and dark song that takes a look into the Finnish folklore. Check out below on Youtube the just-launched song:

This is another great album from the Finns, who have come up with a positive note. The album has a rather dark look and sound. It does not let the listener relax so that he can lay down. The battle for the souls of humanity and its values begins, let the gods choose their champions, who will bear their banners in this struggle? "Hautavajo" empowers!