VOIVOD unveils 'Nuage Fractal' from upcoming jubilee album
In celebration of their 40th anniversary, VOIVOD, the seasoned Canadian Cyber Metal band, is launching a unique jubilee album. As a prelude to the much-anticipated release, the band has put 'Nuage Fractal' into orbit, heightening fan excitement for what's to come.
'Nuage Fractal' encapsulates VOIVOD's iconic sound while hinting at the freshness and creativity that their upcoming album promises to deliver. A seamless blend of the old and the new, this initial track is a testament to VOIVOD's enduring influence and continual evolution within the cyber metal realm.
Fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the release of VOIVOD's jubilee album, certain to mark a new chapter in the band's remarkable journey. With 'Nuage Fractal' leading the way, the stage is set for VOIVOD's jubilee album to make a significant impact in the cyber metal scene. Keep your ears tuned for more thrilling surprises from VOIVOD.