New Metal Albums Releases (page 6)

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Warfront June 10, 2022 Wind Rose Warfront Label: Napalm Records
Violence Beyond All Reason June 06, 2022 Besieged Violence Beyond All Reason Label: Unspeakable Axe Records
Shadow Work June 03, 2022 Druids Shadow Work Label: Pelagic Records
The New Dark Ages June 03, 2022 GWAR The New Dark Ages Label: Pit Records
Chaosmos June 03, 2022 Origin Chaosmos Label: Agonia Records
The Woods Will End You June 03, 2022 Brotality The Woods Will End You Label: Rottweiler Records
Shrine June 03, 2022 Bleed From Within Shrine Label: Nuclear Blast
Hate über alles June 03, 2022 Kreator Hate über alles Label: Nuclear Blast
Persecution of the Living June 03, 2022 Grave Infestation Persecution of the Living Label: Invictus Productions
Summoning the Slayer June 03, 2022 Temple of Void Summoning the Slayer Label: Relapse Records
The Return of the Shadow June 03, 2022 Battlelore The Return of the Shadow Label: Napalm Records
Human Pudding June 01, 2022 PeelingFlesh Human Pudding Label: Vile Tapes Records
Justitia May 27, 2022 Baest Justitia Label: Century Media Records
Colours of Faith May 27, 2022 Sisyphean Colours of Faith Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Inglorious Darkness May 27, 2022 Crematory Inglorious Darkness Label: Napalm Records
The Black Winter May 27, 2022 Darkened The Black Winter Label: Edged Circle Productions
Weakest Is the Flesh May 27, 2022 Church of Disgust Weakest Is the Flesh Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Act II: Walls of the Forgotten May 27, 2022 The Cross Act II: Walls of the Forgotten Label: Pitch Black Records
Cancer Culture May 27, 2022 Decapitated Cancer Culture Label: Nuclear Blast
Memorie May 24, 2022 Heruka Memorie Label: Rude Awakening Records
Colour the Soul May 20, 2022 Unbowed Colour the Soul Label: Independent
Beautiful Shade of Grey May 20, 2022 James LaBrie Beautiful Shade of Grey Label: InsideOut Music
Back from the Vault May 20, 2022 Carnal Ghoul Back from the Vault Label: Supreme Chaos Records
Firescorched May 20, 2022 Sadist Firescorched Label: Agonia Records