New Metal Albums Releases (page 6)

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The Weight of Being July 28, 2023 Organ Dealer The Weight of Being Label: Everlasting Spew Records
WTFortyfive? July 28, 2023 Girlschool WTFortyfive? Label: Silver Lining Music
Demos & Oddities: 1995-1999 July 28, 2023 Contrarian Demos & Oddities: 1995-1999 Label: Independent
Lord of Sickness and Bile July 21, 2023 Darkened Lord of Sickness and Bile Label: Edged Circle Productions
Morgöth Tales July 21, 2023 Voivod Morgöth Tales Label: Century Media Records
Datalysium July 21, 2023 The Zenith Passage Datalysium Label: Metal Blade Records
Infinite Psychic Depths July 21, 2023 Outer Heaven Infinite Psychic Depths Label: Relapse Records
Redline July 21, 2023 PistonFist Redline Label: Independent
Opulence July 14, 2023 Djinn-Ghül Opulence Label: Independent
The Way of All Flesh Is Decay July 14, 2023 End Reign The Way of All Flesh Is Decay Label: Relapse Records
We Shall Remain July 14, 2023 Eleine We Shall Remain Label: Atomic Fire Records
The Unknown July 14, 2023 Evile The Unknown Label: Napalm Records
At Storm's Edge July 14, 2023 Aetherian At Storm's Edge Label: Lifeforce Records
Morbid Visions July 14, 2023 Cavalera Morbid Visions Label: Nuclear Blast
Blood and Steel July 14, 2023 Cathalepsy Blood and Steel Label: Rock of Angels Records
Bestial Devastation July 14, 2023 Cavalera Bestial Devastation Label: Nuclear Blast
Burial Rites July 14, 2023 Exsanguination Burial Rites Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Metagalactic Domination July 14, 2023 Lanzerrath Metagalactic Domination Label: Northern Spire Productions
Claustrophobe July 07, 2023 Widow's Peak Claustrophobe Label: Independent
Smoke July 07, 2023 Snuffed On Sight Smoke Label: Independent
The Apocryphal Spells July 07, 2023 Rotting Christ The Apocryphal Spells Label: Season of Mist
Blackbraid II July 07, 2023 Blackbraid Blackbraid II Label: Independent
Post Necrotic Human July 07, 2023 Demolizer Post Necrotic Human Label: Mighty Music
Carnal July 07, 2023 Gutslit Carnal Label: Independent