New Metal Albums Releases (page 2)

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Where the Silence Reigns October 14, 2023 As The Sun Falls Where the Silence Reigns Label: Independent
Ruiner October 13, 2023 Krieg Ruiner Label: Profound Lore Records
Stalked by Daemons October 13, 2023 State Of Deceit Stalked by Daemons Label: Eclipse Records
On Thorns I Lay October 13, 2023 On Thorns I Lay On Thorns I Lay Label: Season of Mist
Tombs of the Blind Dead October 13, 2023 Human Prey Tombs of the Blind Dead Label: Independent
Songs for Satan October 06, 2023 Dopelord Songs for Satan Label: Blues Funeral Recordings
Below the Summit September 29, 2023 Sinnery Below the Summit Label: Exitus Stratagem Records
Entering the Gateways September 29, 2023 Disguised Malignance Entering the Gateways Label: Prosthetic Records
The Sinner Rides Again September 29, 2023 KK's Priest The Sinner Rides Again Label: Napalm Records
A Celestial Beating September 27, 2023 Satanic Tea Co. A Celestial Beating Label: Independent
Devilish September 22, 2023 Torture Squad Devilish Label: Time to Kill Records
Soundtrack for the End Times September 22, 2023 Mercenary Soundtrack for the End Times Label: NoiseArt Records
Crux Simplex September 22, 2023 Profanatica Crux Simplex Label: Season of Mist Underground Activists
Stone September 15, 2023 Baroness Stone Label: Abraxan Hymns
Into the Silent Nebula September 15, 2023 Damnation's Hammer Into the Silent Nebula Label: Massacre Records
Numen September 15, 2023 Alkaloid Numen Label: Season of Mist
Ergo Atlas September 15, 2023 Apotheus Ergo Atlas Label: Black Lion Records
Godlike September 15, 2023 Thy Art Is Murder Godlike Label: Human Warfare
Esto es Brujeria September 15, 2023 Brujeria Esto es Brujeria Label: Nuclear Blast
Sonic Moons September 08, 2023 Domkraft Sonic Moons Label: Magnetic Eye Records
Sungazer September 08, 2023 Skull & Crossbones Sungazer Label: Massacre Records
Stranger in a Wasteland September 08, 2023 Hiems Stranger in a Wasteland Label: Agonia Records
Ancient Glacial Resurgence September 01, 2023 Imperial Crystalline Entombment Ancient Glacial Resurgence Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Code Red September 01, 2023 Primal Fear Code Red Label: Atomic Fire Records