New Metal Albums Releases (page 2)

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Sungazer September 08, 2023 Skull & Crossbones Sungazer Label: Massacre Records
Stranger in a Wasteland September 08, 2023 Hiems Stranger in a Wasteland Label: Agonia Records
Ancient Glacial Resurgence September 01, 2023 Imperial Crystalline Entombment Ancient Glacial Resurgence Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Code Red September 01, 2023 Primal Fear Code Red Label: Atomic Fire Records
Nube negra September 01, 2023 Demoniac Nube negra Label: Black Legion Records
A Kingdom Built Upon the Wreckage of Heaven September 01, 2023 Outergods A Kingdom Built Upon the Wreckage of Heaven Label: Prosthetic Records
Revengeance September 01, 2023 Bio-Cancer Revengeance Label: Hammerheart Records
Event Horizon August 25, 2023 SinHeresy Event Horizon Label: Scarlet Records
Insatiable Thirst for Torment August 25, 2023 Celestial Sanctuary Insatiable Thirst for Torment Label: Church Road Records
Touchdown August 25, 2023 U.D.O. Touchdown Label: Atomic Fire Records
Psychotic Abyss August 25, 2023 Utilize The Remains Psychotic Abyss Label: Independent
Necrophony August 25, 2023 Exmortus Necrophony Label: Nuclear Blast
Unholy Deification August 25, 2023 Incantation Unholy Deification Label: Relapse Records
Deities of Deathlike Sleep August 25, 2023 Grand Cadaver Deities of Deathlike Sleep Label: Majestic Mountain Records
Tell Freedom I Said Hello August 25, 2023 Prime Creation Tell Freedom I Said Hello Label: Rock of Angels Records
Human Extract August 25, 2023 Atoll Human Extract Label: Unique Leader Records
From the Wound Spilled Forth Fire August 25, 2023 Nixil From the Wound Spilled Forth Fire Label: Prosthetic Records
Aradia August 25, 2023 Stygian Fair Aradia Label: Rockshots Records
Disharmonium - Nahab August 25, 2023 Blut aus Nord Disharmonium - Nahab Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Ýdalir August 18, 2023 Skálmöld Ýdalir Label: Napalm Records
The Sleeping Sun August 18, 2023 Worm Shepherd The Sleeping Sun Label: Unique Leader Records
Ontological Mysterium August 18, 2023 Horrendous Ontological Mysterium Label: Season of Mist
Portal to Darkness August 18, 2023 Unblessed Divine Portal to Darkness Label: Massacre Records
Ghost at the Gallows August 18, 2023 Spirit Adrift Ghost at the Gallows Label: Century Media Records