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Nail Below Nail July 08, 2022 Organectomy Nail Below Nail Label: Unique Leader Records
All Will Suffer July 08, 2022 Plague Years All Will Suffer Label: Independent
Electrified Brain July 01, 2022 Municipal Waste Electrified Brain Label: Nuclear Blast
Páthos July 01, 2022 Conjurer Páthos Label: Nuclear Blast
For Whom Is the Night June 24, 2022 Liber Null For Whom Is the Night Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum June 24, 2022 Alestorm Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum Label: Napalm Records
The Devils June 24, 2022 Belphegor The Devils Label: Nuclear Blast
Svartsyn June 24, 2022 Khold Svartsyn Label: Soulseller Records
Origins June 24, 2022 Saor Origins Label: Season of Mist
Zenith June 17, 2022 Seven Kingdoms Zenith Label: Distortion Music Group
Ex Oblivion June 13, 2022 Tombs Ex Oblivion Label: Season of Mist
Unethical Creations June 10, 2022 Malfested Unethical Creations Label: Independent
Negative Sun June 10, 2022 Heart Attack Negative Sun Label: Atomic Fire Records
Liminal Rite June 10, 2022 Kardashev Liminal Rite Label: Metal Blade Records
Warfront June 10, 2022 Wind Rose Warfront Label: Napalm Records
Violence Beyond All Reason June 06, 2022 Besieged Violence Beyond All Reason Label: Unspeakable Axe Records
Shadow Work June 03, 2022 Druids Shadow Work Label: Pelagic Records
The New Dark Ages June 03, 2022 GWAR The New Dark Ages Label: Pit Records
Chaosmos June 03, 2022 Origin Chaosmos Label: Agonia Records
The Woods Will End You June 03, 2022 Brotality The Woods Will End You Label: Rottweiler Records
Shrine June 03, 2022 Bleed From Within Shrine Label: Nuclear Blast
Hate über alles June 03, 2022 Kreator Hate über alles Label: Nuclear Blast
Persecution of the Living June 03, 2022 Grave Infestation Persecution of the Living Label: Invictus Productions
Summoning the Slayer June 03, 2022 Temple of Void Summoning the Slayer Label: Relapse Records